Upcoming Events:

UAV Remote Sensing Applications Course (7th edition)


uav remote sensing

Dates: 12th to 16th June 2017
Organizer: BCN Drone Center
One week course that will give you a broad overview of state of the art remote sensing techniques using UAV aerial imagery. Top level UAV professionals will share their knowledge and experience about UAV remote sensing while performing real practical cases and showing different UAV application.


Past Events:

ETSEIAAT workshop for aerospace students



Dates: 10th March 2017
Organizer: UPC ETSEIAAT and BCN Drone Center
UPC ETSEIAAT aerospace university students have come to the BCN Drone Center in order to perform a practical workshop about drone technology and its operation. They have also received a thermography master class by Apliter. This workshop has been done inside the Catalonia Smart Drones program.


Thermal Camera Testing by Apliter


Apliter BCN Drone Center

Dates: 10th March 2017
Organizer: Apliter
Apliter has come to BCN Drone Center to calibrate drone thermal cameras using the new high resolution FLIR TX1 sensor of 1024x768 pixels. This testing has been done inside the Catalonia Smart Drones program.


Computer Vision Center Drone Testing


BCN Drone Center Computer Vision Center CVC

Dates: 23rd February 2017
Organizer: Comptuer Vision Center
Researchers from the Computer Vision Center (CVC) have come today to perform metric calibration of an airborne thermal camera and do the maiden flight of a multirotor that will be used as a data acquisition testbed for computer vision drone applications. This testing has been done inside the Catalonia Smart Drones program.


Rokubun GNSS System Testing


BCN Drone Center Rokubun

Dates: 20th February 2017
Organizer: Rokubun
Rokubun has performed the maiden flight of his low cost high accuracy GNSS system using Atmos-7 BVLOS drone. Rokubun is developing his products inside ESA BIC Barcelona. These tests have been carried thanks to the agreement achieved between ESA and the Catalan Government to promote space technology in the Barcelona area.