Upcoming Events:

UAV Remote Sensing Applications Course (8th edition)


uav remote sensing

Dates: 11th to 15th June 2018
Organizer: BCN Drone Center
One week course that will give you a broad overview of state of the art remote sensing techniques using UAV aerial imagery. Top level UAV professionals will share their knowledge and experience about UAV remote sensing while performing real practical cases and showing different UAV application.


Al-Top and Microdrones Technical Workshop


Microdrones altop BCN Drone Center

Dates: 15th September 2017
Organizer: Al-Top and Microdrones
Workshop about the usage of Microdrones systems for topographic applications. The entrance is free with previous registration at:


Past Events:

Make & Learn Summer School at BCN Drone Center


Make  Learn BCN Drone Center

Dates: 6th July 2017
Organizer: Make & Learn and BCN Drone Center
A group of sutdents from Make & Learn summer school have come today to BCN Drone Center to learn more about UAV operation. They have seen a real Flight with Atmos-7 system and have been able to see how UAVs are desgined and constructed. This test has been done inside the Catalonia Smart Drones program.


UAV Remote Sensing Applications Custom Course


Course National University Hungary

Dates: 26th June 2017
Organizer: BCN Drone Center
A team from National University of Public Service in Budapest has spend 2 weeks in the test site receiving training in UAV remote sensing and fixed-wing operation. They have learnt how to pilot and operate drones to get high quality data and how to process and analyze it in order to generate maps and get relevant information.


Fixed-Wing Drones Operation Course (7th Edition)



Dates: 19th to 23rd June 2017
Organizer: BCN Drone Center
In this course you will practically learn how to pilot and operate a fixed-wing drone. Also main aerodynamic and engineering principles related with this kind of systems are introduced in the theory lessons. This course allows the acquisition of the drone pilot licence required for professional works.