BCN Drone Center is the perfect place to develop your UAV technology in southern Europe. BCN Drone Center offers the following services to all companies, universities and individuals interested: 

Test your UAV System:

Set your Company in the Test Site:

Test your UAV system office-uav-test-site-rent-bcn-drone-center
Take advantage of the UAV airfield and segregated airspace to test your UAV in safe conditions and using BCN Drone Center facilities in order to speed up your development.   Rent your own office and hangar space inside the BCN Drone Center to develop your long term projects, taking advantage of all facilities the tech center offers.
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UAV Training:


UAV Certification:

UAV training 2 Airfield
BCN Drone Center has a classroom with capacity for 24 people to perform professional UAV training inside the perfect environment to combine theoretical and practical lessons.   BCN Drone Center gathers all legal and safety conditions in order to test your new prototypes and perform any required certification flights.
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UAV Consultancy:

UAV Events:

UAV Consultancy   Drones Events UAV
BCN Drone Center team puts his more than 10 years experience in the UAV field to speed up your UAV project and make it fulfill all requirements.   BCN Drone Center has an auditorium with capacity for 60 people where you can perform your promotional events taking advantage of the UAV airfield to perform live demonstrations.
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