Upcoming Courses

UAV Remote Sensing Applications

5 days training about UAV remote sensing and photogrammetry use-cases for business and society. Top-level speakers from industry and academia will share their knowledge with practical and hands-on sessions.

Fixed-Wing Operation & Design

Learn how to design and operate multicopters & fixed-wings and obtain official certificates. You will learn from professionals with thousands of hours of experience in UAV design and piloting and other aeronautical engineers.

On-demand Custom Trainings

We organize on-demand exclusive courses for groups of 6 and up. Feel free to contact us to know more.

Why Choose Us

International reputation

21 editions completed, 500+ trained people from 65 different nationalities. 100% satisfied participants!

Leading Company

We are the 1st civilian drone company ever created in Europe and one of the firsts movers in the world.

International Speakers

Extraordinary speakers from international UAV industry, research and institutional entities.

Unique Facilities

Incomparable venue and facilities insideon an official UAV Test Site. Hands-on training guaranteed.

Worldwide Participants


  • Europe

  • Americas

  • Asia Africa


  • Academia

  • Industry

  • Administration


  • MSc

  • PhD

  • Other


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  • 35 45

  • 45 65

International Speakers

Unique facilities

Incomparable venue and facilities inside an official UAV Test Site. This brings a strong component of practical and hands-on training.


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