CTC has joined the International Consortium of Aeronautical Test Sites (ICATS)

The ICATS is currently made up of 4 Test Sites: Unmanned Aerial System Centre of Excellence from Canada, Oklahoma State University – University Multispectral Laboratories from USA, National Aeronautical Centre (NAC) from UK and UAV test and service center (CESA) from France. The addition of CTC in ICATS adds Spain in the list of countries with representation inside the consortium.
By joining forces ICATS aims at supporting and guiding the industry in the development, operations and certification of UAS/RPAS as established by their respective regulating bodies. ICATS will also focus on cross-borders normalization of training and licensing, as well as airspace management and regulations. The test sites aim to engage with private, academic and public sector partners, as well as experts from around the world, to develop new business opportunities in the field of UAS/RPAS operations.