Consulting for Drone Operators

In order to be able to work in the drone industry, it is necessary to become a Flight Operator and fulfill all the requirements defined by the Civil Aviation Authorities. Our Consulting service is in charge of preparing all the documentation and training the staff of the Flight Operators, so that you can successfully carry out your professional activity.

Flight Operator Registration

The registration as “Flight Operator Company” in your CAA will allow you to carry out commercial activities with Drones in your country.


The registration process takes 1-2 weeks.

Flight Manuals elaboration & review

Operations Manual

UAS Characterization

Security Study for Declarative Operations

Maintenance program. Maintenance records.

Flight Profiles and Operation Characteristics

Flight Operator's Personnel Requirements

Yearly Flight Training

Autorizaciones de vuelo

Special Flight Authorizations

Process for obtaining special flight authorizations for the Flight Operator Companies. These authorizations will allow you to conduct the following flights in standard scenarios (published in the Civil Aviation Authority using SORA methodology).



Controlled Air Space

The process for obtaining an authorization is about 7-8 months.

In order to be elegible for starting this process, the company must have the Flight Manuals updated.