Consulting for Drone Manufacturers

Our Consulting service is in charge of supporting drone manufacturers. We can elaborate/update Flight Manuals, and in the near future, be able to issue conformity assessments and certifications.

Flight Manuals

Flight Manual Assessment

Thanks to our staff long experience in drone manufacturing and operation, we can assess you in the elaboration of all technical documentation required to put a new drone into the market. We will help you in having top quality manuals without missing any important point or key information, including:


  • Flight Manual (User Guide)
  • Drone Training Manual & Program
  • RPAS Characterization
  • Maintenance Manual & Program
  • Maintenance Training
  • RPAS Security Study

Conformity Assessment

Starting on 1st of January 2023, all drones placed in the European market will require to go through a Conformity Assessment process to validate that they meet the basic safety and security requirements. The countdown has already started, so the first manufactures to have their drone system approved will have a key commercial advantage.


Thanks to our test site facilities and the associated segregated airspace, we will be able to support you in testing and evaluating your product in order to be able to satisfactory go through the Conformity Assessment process.

Conformity Assessment

Credit: WingCopter

Airworthiness Certification

Airworthiness Certification

Nowadays the certification category is under development by EASA, being not yet defined the regulatory framework of these type of systems. However, thanks to the use of the BCN Drone Center Test Site & Segregated Airspace, we can help you in deploying your system so it can be flight tested to demonstrate the safety and security of your intended operational scenario. This opens the door to ask for a special operational authorization to the National Aviation Authorities and work with them in the creation of the required legal framework to commercially deploy your technology as soon as possible.


Feel free to book a 15′ call with our experts. We will be happy to help!