Consulting for Drone Manufacturers

In order to manufacture professional drones, both for private use and for sales and distribution, it is necessary to register yourself as a manufacturer in your CAA. Our Consulting Service is in charge of preparing all the documentation and training the staff, so that you can carry out your professional activity successfully, complying with all the regulation aspects.

Gestoría Alta Fabricante

Drone Manufactuer Registration

Registration as Drone Manufacturer within your Civil Aviation Authority, complying with all the requirements according to your activity to be developed.


The registration process takes about 2 weeks.

Flight Manuals Preparation & Review

All the documentation of the necessary flight manuals in order to be able to  manufacture a UAS, for both private use and distribution:

RPAS Characterization

Maintenance Manual

Maintenance Program

Instruction Manual

Maintenance Training

RPAS Security Study

Airworthiness Certificate

Credit: Wingcopter GmbH

Airworthiness Certificate

The Airworthiness Certificate certifies that the UAVs of Maximum Take-off Mass (MTOM) greater than 25Kg comply with all the technical and safety requirements, set by the Civil Aviation Authority of the state where it is registered.


This process takes 12 – 14 months.