About Us

We are 1 of the only 10 drone centers in the world, the first civilian drone company in Europe, and one of the first movers in the world.


In our center you can develop, test and certify unmanned aerial vehicles. You can join our practical and international courses to keep yourself abreast with the cutting edge drone technology..

We count with segregated airspace, hangar, runway, lab, meeting room, ground control stations, office… all this, in a beautiful solar powered bioclimatic building surrounded by nature.

Our Facilities

Bioclimatic Building

The BCN Drone Center is located in Moia, Barcelona at an hour’s drive away from the Barcelona Airport and downtown Barcelona.


The building in completely off-grid and uses solar and wind energy to power itself.


We have a segregated airspace and runway and a fully equipped office  including hangar, lab, meeting room, ground control stations in the bioclimatic building surrounded by nature.






Our History


Jordi Santacana finds his passion for aviation

Jordi Santacana (left), founder and CEO of the company, was very impressed with the radiocontrol plane that his father built that year.



When he grew older, he decided to build himself his first wood model. After this one, he began to equip them with cameras and chemical film that was developed at home.


First aerial photo

This year Jordi designed and built an RC airplane specially made for aerial photograpy. After a few tests some of the photos were good enough to be sold to the owners of some farms and houses, the price of each photo was 100 pts (about 0,60 €)


Turning more ambitious

He thought that he would like to feel the experience of flying inside the aircraft, so he decided to build his own full-size ultralight airplane. This time, he wouldn't be with the feet on the ground, he would be onboard the plane!


It finally flies!

After 3 long years of construction he finished his plane. In order to prove that this years were worth he had to try it. He successfully flew it from Barcelona to Lyon (France) in only one day, and received the Gold Propeller Award for that.



After this unique experience, he built a ground control center, developed an autopilot, experimented with FPV glasses... and created his first autonomous UAV.


UAV Company

After seeing the potential of this technology, he decided to establish the first European civilian drone company, and one of the firsts movers in the world. CATUAV designed, manufactured and operated fixed-wing drones for a big number of applications types. The company began to grow.


Drone Boom

The drone industry began to experience a big boost. Tens of companies were created every day, hundreds of pilot licenses were issued every week... The CATUAV team foresaw the need of this industry to count with a drone center.


BCN Drone Center fully operative!

CATUAV purchased a strategic property, obtained a segregated airspace from aviation authorities and constructed a bioclimatic building. The BCN Drone Center became a reality!

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