Drone Test Site

UAV Development

Develop your UAS in the best environment. Technical and business experts will be committed to the success of your development program.

Drone Testing & Certification

Evaluate, test and validate your prototypes and projects (H2020, SME, LIFE+…) before releasing them to market. Speed up your certification process with our experts.

Commercial Events

Impress your clients performing demo flights and presentations in the same location. Grow your market by joining BCN Drone Center partner program.

Drone Racing

Organize a drone race in perfect conditions. Enjoy 14 hectares of fields and forests to set hoops and gates. Invite many pilots and visitors.

Segregated Airspace

Inside our official segregated airspace exclusively for UAVs you can fly your drone BVLOS with the security of all safety and legal conditions guaranteed. It is one of the only ten in the world!

Size: 2.500ha

Ceiling: 4.000 ft. ASL.

Fast activation is available

Drone Airfield

Fly your multicopter or fixed-wing in the best environment. Use enhanced precision positioning systems. Take photogrammetry to the next level. Check the real spatial resolution of your sensors.

Main runway: 150 x 12 m.

Secondary runway: 50 x 12 m.

RTK & dGPS coverage

50+ High Precision Ground Control Points

Effective resolution panels

Radiometric resolution targets

Drone Center Facilities

We have everything you need at your disposal:

Ground Control Station

Hangar, Mechanical and electronical lab

1 polyvalent dome of 75m2, 2 of 50m2

Training and meeting room

Lounge and small bedroom (for long missions)


The strategic location ensures optimal flying conditions, total privacy, and easy access to Barcelona city center.

Remote with very low population density

Only 1h 10m away from Barcelona city center

330 VFR days a year (90%)

Rich natural diversity for remote sensing

Meteo station

Drone fleet & sensors at your disposal

Fixed-wing 0-5Kg. Electric engine with 90' endurance

Fixed-wing 5-15Kg. Combustion engine with 14h endurance

Multirotor 0-5Kg, electric engine with 25' endurance

Multirotor 5-15Kg, electric engines with 40' endurance

Sensors: visible, thermal, multispectral, hyperspectral & LiDAR

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