LUC – Light UAS Certificate

Light UAS Certification

Credit: North Star Drone Shows

If you plan to self-authorize yourself without applying for authorizations from of your Civil Aviation Authority, you will need a LUC.


BCN Drone Center will guide you in properly defining the Operational Scenarios associated with the LUC. From that, we will elaborate all required documentation, testing and training in order for your organization to receive LUC approval from the corresponding Civil Aviation Authority.


The Light UAS Certificate (LUC) will allow you have privileges such:

  • Conducting operations covered by standard scenarios without submitting the declaration
  • Self-authorizing operations conducted by the drone operator and covered by PDRA without applying for an authorization
  • Self-authorizing all operations conducted by the drone operator without applying for an authorization.


Process time: Depending on the Operator experience and CONOPS.


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