Regulatory Compliance

New UAS legislations are changing the legal paradigm: from nearly everything is forbidden to everything is possible. But the airspace opening to UAS comes with a cost: all elements related with the operation (UAS, operator company and pilots) must comply with all requirements needed to assure that they are conducted in a safely and secure manner.  


This supposes going through complicated authorisation procedures with the CAA that are going to also require evaluation and certification processes for most advanced applications (BVLOS, autonomous navigation, drone swarms, drone taxis…). 


We can help any UAS stakeholder in commercially deploying their product or service complying with all regulatory requirements: 

EASA Open Category Compliance 

EASA Standard Scenarios Compliance 

We check that you are meeting all compulsory requirements and help you with the coordination processes (Controlled Airspace, Urban Areas, Restricted Airspace…).

We can prepare all required manuals ant technical documents and process the operational declaration for you.

Operational Authorisations (SORA) 

Light UAS Certificate (LUC) 

We design the best CONOPS for your application, prepare the safety study with all associated documentation (Manuals, ERP, Design Verification Report…) and process the operational authorisation with the CAA. 

If you plan to self-autorize yourself without applying for authorizations from EASA, a LUC is needed. We will guide you in its definition.