Consulting for Drone Operators

Specific Category

Our Consulting service is in charge of getting you started in the Specific Category. We will support you comply with Standard Scenarios STS-01, STS-02, or design your own one.

Standard Scenarios:  STS-01 (ES) & STS-02 (ES)

STS-01 & STS-02

If your operation matches with EASA National Standard Scenarios STS-01 or STS-02, we can help you comply with the regulation by doing:


📄  Documentation: Elaboration/update of the documents such as Operations Manual, Maintenance Manual and Emergency Response Plan (ERP).


👨🏼‍✈️  Training: 1 day of theoretical & practical training about pre-flight actions, in-flight procedures and post-flight actions.


We will guide you in the presentation to AESA of the Operational Declaration to operate under the Standard Scenario. This Operational Declaration will allow you to conduct flights in EU Specific category, Standard Scenario STS-01 & STS-02.


Process time: 1 – 3 weeks

Controlled Airspace Coordination

Elaboration of a Specific Operation Risk Assessment (using SORA methodology) and presentation to the Air Traffic Service Provider (ATSP) in order to be able to request flight plans in EU Controlled Airspace in Open Category.


Process time: 1 week – 1 month

Autorizaciones de vuelo

Flight Manual Assessment

Thanks to our staff long experience in drone manufacturing and operation, we can assess you in the elaboration of all technical documentation required to put a new drone into the market. We will help you in having top quality manuals without missing any important point or key information, including:


  • Flight Manual (User Guide)
  • Drone Training Manual & Program
  • RPAS Characterization
  • Maintenance Manual & Program
  • Maintenance Training
  • RPAS Security Study


Feel free to book a  call with our experts. We will be happy to help!