Drone Consulting

Our company has been working in the UAS civil sector since year 2000, allowing to gather an extensive know-how of all main key aspects of this technology, from the technology itself to the deployment of solutions into the market. We also have had to master regulatory compliance in the uncertainty UAS legal environment of the last decade. This sets us in a privileged position to be able to help any UAS stakeholder to successfully deploy any UAS solution to the market.

Regulatory Consulting

R+D & Engineering

Feasibility Studies

Drone Operators

If you are a Drone Operator, we can support you by Registering your company in EASA, elaborating a SORA, helping you comply with standard scenarios, designing your own scenario through an Operational Authorization, obtaining a LUC (Light UAS Certificate), doing flight dispatching, and more…

Drone Manufacturers

If you are a Drone Manufacturer, we can support you by elaborating/updating Flight Manuals, and in the near future, by issuing conformity assessments and certifications.