Disruptive innovation in Healthcare with automated drone solutions

6th – 8th March 2024

The workshop aims to showcase drone solutions for freight transport, highlighting their relevance in the logistics sector.


It will explore the current status quo of freight transport and identify new business opportunities.


The event will feature practical demonstrations of drones in action alongside other conventional systems contributing altogether to a revolutionary distribution system.


9:00 | SWOT analysis and regulatory framework, by Daniel Castillo and Lluís Amat (BCN Drone Center)


10:00 | Drone delivery state-of-the-art eVTOL system by David Rovira (RigiTech)


11:00 | Flight demonstration outdoors + networking break


12:00 | Automation with BLE & IoT technology in temperature monitoring systems by Patrick Senn (ELPRO)


13:00 | Thermal packaging and DG requirements by Johannes Markel (va-Q-tec) and Francesc Gómez (Biomedical)


14:00 | Lunch, networking and exhibition area


15:00 | Conclusions wrapped up on a white paper by Ramón García and Enrique Hernández (CITET) and Bert Elsen (4Advice)


BCN Drone Center headquarters

Camí de l’Espinoi s/n

08180 Moià, Barcelona, Spain


  • 6th March 2024 –  Spanish language only
  • 7th March 2024 – English language only
  • 8th March 2024 – 1:1 sessions with organizer and/or sponsors

Accommodation & Travel

Free shuttle from Rambla de Prim 6, Barcelona (Bus stop) at 7:30 AM to BCN Drone Center

Free shuttle from BCN Drone Center at 4 PM to Plaça Catalunya, Barcelona


Note: shuttle only available on days 6th and 7th March


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Industry-leading Speakers

RigiTech Eiger


The RigiTech Eiger is an electric VTOL UAS designed for BVLOS operations in any field like delivery applications. It can carry up to 3 kg of payload and can fly within a range of 100 km.


During the Drone Delivery Days the attendees will be able to witness a demonstration flight of the system.

Daniel Castillo

UAS logistics CCO

Daniel is a seasoned supply chain professional with a long track record in Healthcare logistics.
Holds a Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration and MBA at ESADE.
Continued his studies in logistics at ICIL (Master’s degree) and at Canadian Institute of Traffic and Transport.
Has worked at various multinational companies covering positions in Management and Business Development.
Joined BCN Drone Center in 2023 to propel drone delivery opportunities acting as a liason between aerospace and logistics.

Lluís Amat

UAS Regulatory Compliance

Lluís graduated from the Polytechnic University of Catalonia (UPC) as Aeronautic Engineer (MSc) in 2016.


After some years of experience in the continuing airworthiness sector in CAMO and Maintenance Organisations in general aviation, he joined the Spanish Civil Aviation Authority (AESA) as Airworthiness Inspector in 2019. In AESA, he developed a thorough understanding of the airworthiness regulatory framework and, in 2021, he moved temporarily to its UAS Division.


In 2022, he joined BCN Drone Center in its Legal Department, where he is in charge of the UAS regulatory compliance of the company.

David Rovira

Co-Founder & CBO at RigiTech

Spearheading the company’s innovative advancements in drone technology. With over 5 years at senseFly in drone Business Development across EMEA and APAJ, he managed a network of 20+ distributors, significantly impacting global market presence.


David’s 2-year tenure as a Senior UAV Consultant at the World Bank showcased his commitment to global development through technology. Notably, he also coordinated Africa’s largest drone mapping project.

Patrik Senn

Head of Product Management at ELPRO

Patrik Senn, specializes in aligning the pharmaceutical industry’s demands with the development of temperature monitoring solutions. His career spans roles from Development Engineer to Project Manager, showcasing his versatility in project leadership and team management.


Based in Switzerland, Patrik holds a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration and Engineering, reflecting his blend of technical skill and business acumen.

Johannes Markel

Senior Business Development Manager at va-Q-tec

Johannes Markel is a Senior Business Development Manager with a successful six-year tenure at va-Q-tec AG.


He holds a Bachelor’s degree in Hospitality Management (UNLV), a Master’s degree in Business & Communication (Munich Business School), and an MBA from the WU Executive Academy in Vienna.


Johannes has been an integral part of va-Q-tec, a pioneering company in advanced solutions and services for thermal energy efficiency and packaging. Joining the team in 2017, his role involves proactively identifying and cultivating new business opportunities within the mobility sector, with a specialized focus on the automotive and aviation industry. Since 2023, he has expanded his expertise to include specialized solutions for last-mile/hour deliveries.

Francesc J. Gómez

Co-founder & CEO of Biomedical Logistics

Entrepreneur in the logistics, transport and courier sector. Over 25 years of experience particularly focused on providing comprehensive and specialized logistics solutions for the biomedical sector of the transport of infectious biological substances and medicines with passive cold systems and packaging.
President of ANSBIO (National Association for Biological Safety).
Elected member of the logistics and transportation committee of the Chamber of Commerce.
BCL Committee Member, Air Cargo Commission, BCL Air Cargo Security Group.
Member of AEBIOS (Spanish Biosafety Association).
Member of the ADR Regulation Working Group (class 6.2)
Dangerous Goods Safety Advisor, Infectious Substances Specialist, class 6.2.

Ramón García

Vice President of CITET

Ramón is the Vice President of CITET, an innovation cluster for sustainable goods distribution, and a leading business association in urban logistics transformation. Additionally, he serves as the General Director of the Spanish Logistics Center (CEL), the premier association for supply chain management in Spain. He is the Vice President of the eAPyme federation and a member of the Board of Directors of both the European Logistics Association (ELA) and the National Federation of Innovative Business Associations and Clusters (FNAEIC-Clusters.es).


With over 25 years of experience in Supply Chain Management, innovation, sustainability, and urban logistics, Ramón has worked in multinational companies and business associations, taking on technical, project management, consulting, and managerial roles. Since 2001, he has collaborated with various universities and business schools, and he has been a speaker at international events focused on Logistics and Freight Transportation.

Enrique Sánchez

Director of Projects and Development at CITET

Enrique Sánchez is the Director of Projects and Development at CITET, an innovation cluster for sustainable goods distribution, a leading business association in urban logistics transformation. With over 10 years of experience in technological consulting, in his latest role, he was part of the executive team, holding two main positions as Technology and Business Development Manager for major Logistics clients, and Head of the Unmanned Aerial Solutions division.


He holds a Bachelor’s degree in Physics from the University of Salamanca, a Master’s in Integral Logistics Management from UNO, and is recognized by the European Logistic Association (ELA) with a certificate of excellence in the logistics field.

Bert Elsen

Managing director at 4Advice

Bert worked all his career in Supply chain, and the last 15years dedicated in pharmaceutical supply.


In September 2015, Bert Elsen founded 4Advice, a consulting company specialized in temperature-controlled cargo. With 4Advice, he supports all potential stakeholders over the whole world within the pharmaceutical cold supply chain to get aligned with the EU GDP guidelines.


He joined some task international task forces on the Covid Vaccine supply, and recently he become board member from ATMP Excellence Center. On this topic he support the pharmaceutical industry, but also different stakeholders in the supply chain and communities over the world to understand what is needed to handle these specific shipments.

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