tecnologia anti drone

Counter-Drone Technology has been used at the BCN Drone Center

This week, the company DroneLess has been conducting multiple tests and showcasing their solutions to Police Forces at the BCN Drone Center.

Counter-drone technology, also known as counter-UAS, or C-UAS technology, refers to systems used to detect and/or intercept unmanned aircraft. As reports of disruptions or unwanted drone presence over public areas continue to increase, so does the counter drone sector. Right now, counter drone market is one of the most funded drone verticals.

There have been many airport temporal closures due to drone intrusion lately. These closures can cost millions. The cost, and the chaos, of drone incursions have led many people and organizations to race to implement counter drone systems.

These are some of the most common counter-drone techniques:


It jams the signal between drone and pilot. It consists of a rifle shaped device that uses radio frequency jamming and GPS jamming to counter drones. The system breaks the link between the drone and its pilot, activates the “fail safe” to send the drone home and has the capability to jam signals. It allows coverage up to 1 km in a wide range environment condition.


The system safely eliminates illegal drones from the air. With the use of multiple onboard sensors, the net gun locks on the target the drone is then swiftly caught by shooting a net. After the catch, it carries the captured drone on a cable to a harmless place and release it there. If the caught drone is too heavy to be carried, it drops it with a help parachute to ensure low impact on the ground.

Take Control:

It detects, distract and disable drone from flying into a protected area. The system consists of multiple sensors to monitor the range of radio signals and identify the different characteristics of a drone’s signature. The system monitors the activity of a drone within 1km range, identify types of drones, and provides real-time tracking of flight path by pinpointing location of drones and its operators. After detection, the system can distract a drone by taking over the command and control frequencies and then disables communication links to the drone

Sky Fence:

Sky Fence systems are built especially for high-value asset security. They incorporate a number of signal disruptors, designed to jam the flight control signal of a drone and prevent from flying over installation and disrupt their navigation transmissions. Sky Fence systems use multiple low power radio transmitters located strategically around the protected site. Once these transmitters are activated they transmit signals that interfere the radio transmissions of a drone and thus preventing their control from their operator. It is fully programmable and activated automatically through a series of sensors or by manual action.