BCN Drone Center participates in the first official drone pilot course in Oman

During the month of July, our team has been in Oman carrying out the first official drone pilot course ever held in the country. With the collaboration of IBN FIRNAS, a pioneering and emerging company in the country, dedicated to the operation and training with drones, we have been able to accomplish an introductory course dealing with the main topics related to drone operations. The training has been implemented entirely in the facilities of the GUtech (German University of Technology in Oman). The various applications that drones can achieve, apart from image acquisition, have been explained: precision agriculture, photogrammetry, freight transport, carriage of passengers, etc. On the technical side, the differences in a drone performance depending on whether its configuration is multirotor, fixed wing or hybrid VTOL system have been explained and finally flight trainings have been carried out with the three systems mentioned.

We want to thank all the students who have participated in the training course  and especially IBN FIRNAS for organizing it. It has been a great experience and we hope to continue collaborating with this and other institutions around the world.